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US to Metric Paper
Basis Weight Conversion Chart

While US paper weight is determined on varying basis according to paper type, the paper basis weight system used in China Printing follows the global metric standard, as shown below.

They will help you to get familiar with our paper stocks.
International (grams/square meter, gsm) to US weight (pounds of a ream for a basis weight category, #):

offset paperArt papertext weightcover weight
60 gsm60 gsm41#
70 gsm
80 gsm80 gsm54#
90 gsm
100 gsm

105 gsm71#
120 gsm

128 gsm86#
140 gsm

157 gsm106#58#

210 gsm142#78#

250 gsm169#92#

300 gsm

350 gsm

Us text weight (#,lb) to International (gsm) weight:

US text weightInternational40#59 gsm50#74 gsm60#89 gsm70#104 gsm80#118 gsm90#133 gsm100#148 gsm

Us text weight (#,lb) to International (gsm) weight:

US cover weightInternational60#162 gsm70#189 gsm80#216 gsm90#243 gsm100#270 gsm

Generally, the heavier the paper is the thinker the paper is. 80# cover stock (216gsm) is twice as thick as 80# text paper (118gsm).

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