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Paper Stock Guide

Most Popular Paper Weights
There are two basic systems in use; the U.S. system which denotes the weight in pounds (#) or the Metric system which indicates the weight in grams / meter square (g/m² or gsm).

The U.S. system
• 60# Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 70# Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 80# Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 100# Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 80# Gloss and matt cover/card art-paper
• 100# Gloss and matt cover/card art-paper
• 120# Gloss and matt cover/card art-paper
• 10 pt Cardstock Gloss and matt C2S
• 12 pt Cardstock Gloss and matt C2S
• 14 pt Cardstock Gloss and matt C2S
• 16 pt Cardstock Gloss and matt C2S
• 60# woodfree paper
• 70# woodfree paper
• 80# woodfree paper

The Metric System
• 90gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 105gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 128gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 157gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 200gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 250gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 300gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 350gsm Gloss and matt text art-paper
• 70gsm woodfree paper
• 80gsm woodfree paper
• 100gsm woodfree paper
• 120gsm woodfree paper

Paper Terms:
Art Paper: A common name for a coated paper stock with good reproductive qualities for offset printing.
Woodfree Paper: Paper which contains less than 10% mechanical pulp; Good for one and two color jobs, or jobs requiring a lower reproductive quality of full color images.
Lightweight Coated Paper: Strong and inexpensive paper made primarily of mechanically ground wood pulp rather than chemical pulp. Used primarily for Web Press production.

Paper Types:
Coated Paper - a coated paper stock has a surface sealant and often contains clay. which gives it a smooth finish. Coated papers are available in a gloss, silk (sometimes called satin) or matt finish and are used for projects requiring a fine finish, which is why coated paper is sometimes referred to as 'art' paper. Most of the leaflets you get through your letterbox, the glossy brochures you pick up from the travel agent and the fancy programmes you buy at concerts are printed onto coated paper.

Art-paper and Lightweight Coated Paper are Coated paper.
• Gloss - a gloss coated paper has a high sheen, as those in a typical magazine.
• Matte - a matte coated paper is a non-glossy, flat looking paper with very little sheen. Easier to read on.

Uncoated paper - doesn't have a coating and is therefore not as smooth as coated paper. You will use uncoated paper in your laser printer and photocopier. Premium quality uncoated papers are used for business stationery.

Wood-free paper is uncoated paper

Paper Size:
• Here the standard Chinese book size is 210x285mm,a little smaller than ISO A4 size 210x297mm.but it will save for your printing if choose our standard.
No problem go with ISO size as well.however, will push the printing cost 3%~10% higher!
We suggest you adjust your book size if with big quantity printing to save the cost!

• We print onto standard sized paper.
If you specify an unusual size which doesn't fit neatly within a standard sheet size, you will be paying for the paper which is cut off and thrown away.
Adjust the size of your document so that as many copies as possible within a standard sized sheet.

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